Blackboard’s NG Strategy

무들이나 사카이와는 차별화 될 수 있도록 번역의 품질을 높이기 위한 노력과 이러닝 컴퍼니로서가 아니라. 기업의 솔루션 기업으로 거듭나고자 하는 블랙보드의 노력

Blackboard’s offensive strategy. John emphasized that, in addition to having a translation team in-house, Blackboard uses “in-country translators” to make sure that the translation quality is top notch. This, he claimed, is “different from Moodle or Sakai.” Blackboard is using its size and financial characteristics as a weapon against both smaller proprietary competitors and open source alternatives. This came up repeatedly in different ways throughout the conversation. Matt Small said, “We decided that we’re not going to be just an e-learning company. We’re an enterprise solutions company.” In the short run, this strategy gives Blackboard a cudgel against other LMS alternatives. In the long run, it puts them on a path toward more direct competitions with the Oracles, Sungards, and Microsofts of the world.

Blackboard’s NG Strategy


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