MOOMIS(Modular Object Oriented Management Information System) : MOODLE과 연동하여 모듈별 객체지향을 제공

유럽의 대표적인 이러닝업체 Futuremedia가 “Bupa”사업자를 위해 구축한 차세대 이러닝 커뮤니티는 유저별 개인화와 LMS 위젯, 유저 평가 등 풍부한 기능을 제공하여 주목을 받았다.

MOOMIS is a suite of business tools that we have developed for the Moodle e-learning application. Like Moodle, MOOMIS is an acronym – Modular Object Oriented Managed Intelligence System. The tools comprise:

  • Communication
  • Competency Manager
  • CPD (continuous professional development)
  • Events Manager
  • Groups
  • Performance Manager
  • Report Creator

The core tool is Groups, which enables administrators to allocate any number of users to any number of different groups AND designate any number of managers to each group. Once users are allocated to groups, administrators and managers can use the Report Creator to obtain management information for those groups including courses completed, quiz scores, levels of access and CPD.

CPD hours/points are added automatically to users’ records for any e-learning courses they complete. Furthermore, users can add CPD accrued from other events to their own records as required.

Administrators and managers have access to smart Communication tools, which comprise an email module to enable emails to be sent to specific users or any group of users and a simple ‘digital Post-It note’ module enabling messages to be posted to individuals or specific groups of users.

Businesses can use the Competency Manager to assess and track levels of competence and use the Performance Manager to set and assess personal objectives for each employee that reflect whole business objectives. The Events Manager can be used to create ‘real world’ events (as opposed to e-learning) that can be allocated to users either as standalone events, linked to competencies or linked to personal objectives.

MOOMIS is constantly evolving – we have more exciting developments for 2009 that we look forward to sharing with you!

Click on the relevant link in the left-hand menu to find out more about each tool.


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