– The World’s Sharpest Learning Tool.

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Headquartered in Tokyo, Cerego is the company behind, a next-generation learning platform.

Cerego’s long-term vision is to revolutionize learning by building a learning platform of the future, takes the burden out of learning by automatically creating a learning schedule that adapts to the individual’s performance and needs. The system combines proven learning science with the latest in adaptive, semantic and social Web technologies. Powered by personalized learning algorithms, measures memory strength on a granular item by item basis. The algorithms are based on decades of research on optimum learning patterns in the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience.

Cerego has developed patented learning algorithms based on research in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive science. These algorithms power the learning applications and are increasingly being exposed through the Open API.

By combining proven scientific research with web technology, Cerego aims to offload much of the learning burden, allowing people to learn more quickly and manage their knowledge online – The World’s Sharpest Learning Tool.


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