Webinar-Adobe세미나 소개 eLearning Evangelist

Source : http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/?s=The+Impact+and+Trends+Rapid+eLearning

Adobe에서 발주하고 Forrester에서 발표한 The Impact and Trends Rapid eLearning Webinar를 소개합니다.

Rapid eLearning에 대한 103개의 미국 기업을 대상으로 한 설문과 니즈를 분석하여 Implication을 줍니다. 한시간 가량의 강의(영어)인데…꼭 들어둘만 합니다.

We also had two other webinars last month. This is part of the series that Allen Partridge, our eLearning evangelist has been hosting. More details and the link to the recording is below:

Title: Using Captivate and Moodle together
URL for Viewing: http://bit.ly/dxJV6I
Summary: A step by step introduction to the basic concepts and procedures used to create and deploy Captivate soft skills and simulation training and eLearning content on a Moodle LMS.
Title: On Scorm, Captivate, Assessment & Beyond
URL for Viewing: http://bit.ly/atbUQQ
Summary: A look at the assessment space – with a particular eye to the future. Discussion of Moodle (Scorm compatible) LMS integration as well as an overview / discussion about alternative assessment models used to complement formal assessment.

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